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Secretary’s Musings – February 2020

By the time you read this we will have had our church meeting, at that meeting we will vote on which charities we want to support in 2020 and beyond. 

We also will have arranged for those interested to come to a short meeting about the kitchen, looking at purchasing a new hot water boiler and the possible relocating of it: plus discussing our obligation as a community kitchen to keeping up high standards of hygiene. Also, over a much longer time (possibly over the next five years) looking at replacing our kitchen cupboards etc. as advised on the latest quinquennial report. 

By the end of January we will know where we stand to be able to carry forward phase Two of our project, which is to turn a lot of our grass area into a car park, to install a proper ramp for disabled access in to the main church, and generally repair our paths outside. 

We have earmarked funds from our own monies, we have had various donations and we have a £5000 grant from Garfield Western, a promised grant of £8300 from Congregational Trust, who will pay on completion of the work. We have grant applications into Leeds General Purpose Fund and also Synod Property Fund both who meet in January. We are reasonably confident that all the monies needed will be found so hope to then get contractors back in to finalise their estimates so we can take this forward. 

We will continue to keep you all updated, it is YOUR church and you will always have the final say at Church Meetings. Do attend church meetings so everyone has chance to discuss all these things as well as our mission. 

As you know only those who are members can vote on things so if you see Bilton Grange as your spiritual home can I encourage those of you who aren’t full members to seriously and prayerfully consider becoming a member, it would be great to have everyone who worships with us regularly to be FULL members, you are so valued amongst us.

Your friend and church secretary,

Pauline Calderwood (Rev)

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