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Oh Boy! What a Mess!

Well, it is called Messy Church!

The theme of the afternoon event can be found in the Book of Joshua, Chapter 6 – it is the story of the breaking down of the walls of Jericho.

However, before walls can be knocked down, they have to be built.  So the children that came set about building walls – some with Lego, some with grey fondant icing and white “cement”, others with a large number of cardboard boxes of all sorts that had been collected in the days before.

Meanwhile on another craft table children were decorating their trumpets in order to make enough noise later on. The glue and glitter shapes were going all over the place!

The walls were erected in the church, and all was ready.

The children (and their adult friends) came into the church.  The music was fantastic! The atmosphere was electric.  The children absolutely loved playing the trumpets they created. They followed Hank (playing the saxophone) and marched as they sang “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho”.  Bob Saunders was on guitar and parents sang too with the words on the screen.

When the children gave a mighty “Shout!” the wall they’d made in the craft time came crashing down.   A real miracle of ingenuity on the part of our crafts-people.

We played the song through twice and the kids probably would have liked a third time! But alas, a delicious tea called to them from the hall. The tea was all prepared and it was a stupendous feast which was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and the adults present.  

Activities of this kind take a lot of planning and forethought.  The time between the children leaving the hall and then returning again is not very long – not long enough in fact to clear up everything and set the tables for tea.

We had about 35 people attend, and at the end there was a huge amount of clearing up to do.  We are grateful to everyone who stopped and assisted in this.

Many thanks go to all the folk who have provided wonderful food for the Messy Church teas throughout the whole year. We have found that with smaller items on offer there is not so much waste. Small children will not eat bread crusts and seem to prefer the mini biscuits and cakes.  Small sausages and sausage- or cheese and onion- rolls go down very well. They also relish the carrot/cucumber sticks and a variety of fruit cut into manageable pieces (grapes/tomatoes/blueberries/strawberries, etc).

There is to be a Messy Film on Sunday 8 December at 3:00pm – juice and popcorn provided for all.

Jo Turnbull

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