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Why Read the Bible? – Part 6

Why read the Bible

Part 6

Over the last few months I have tried to encourage you to read the Bible by giving you various facts about its make-up and some of the ideas to be found in its pages.

However, at the beginning of this month Derek Carr came to lead our service and gave a wonderful sermon on why we really should make an effort to read and understand the Holy Book.

As we have a general election coming up next month each of the various political parties will be producing their manifestoes for public perusal in order to help us to place a cross in the “right” box. They will each be vying to get as many of our votes as possible in order to obtain a mandate to put their policies into action and to run the country – at least until the next election is called. Each manifesto will make a range of promises as to how things should be done and what they will cost in extra taxes etc. In the end many of these promises will fall by the wayside: be too costly, be cast out by an opposition vote, never get started and certainly not be what the majority of people in this country would want to happen.

The Bible is also full of promises – promises made by God to his people – promises that will never fail. Some may not yet have come to fruition, some may have been misunderstood, and others may have gone unnoticed by even the best scholars, but they are all there ready to be studied, understood and, where necessary, acted upon.

There is no failure. The promised Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ, did come with his message of God’s Kingdom and this has been followed with the promises and the hope that this new Kingdom will eventually be manifested on earth.

Do you get the connection? The Bible is God’s “Manifesto” for life on earth – His promises will not fail.

We do not go into a ballot box to vote for a religious or spiritual leader, but every good deed that we do, however small, is a vote for the God’s Kingdom – a vote for Jesus. Make sure that you vote for Him every day, many times a day.

Jo Turnbull

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